Interpretation and Translation

Please contact and/or 505-934-7904 if you want to reserve a spot.

NMAFC’s multi-lingual services and programs

NMAFC provide all of its social services and community programs with the assistance from either multi-lingual case managers/program coordinators, or phone interpretation lines. In 2018, NMAFC conducted two gubernatorial elections with consecutive interpretation, and in 2019 during the visiting of roundhouse, NMAFC also facilitated the multi-lingual community conversation in Chinese, Vietnamese and Farsi with elected state governor Michelle Lujan Grisham.

In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, NMAFC worked with CABQ city councilor, Mrs Lan Sena and provided multilingual town-hall meeting in Vietnamese and Chinese.

NMAFC is also a part community outreach effort during 2020Census. By working under BERNCO and state, NMAFC launched multiple phone banking, text banking and mailers in Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Farsi/Dari, Hindi, and Visayan to encourage LEP and minority community to finish the census.

Languages List

Arabic (standard

Chinese (both simplified and traditional in written language; dialects including Mandarin, Cantonese, Min’nanese/Taiwanese, Shanghainese)

Farsi/Dari, Pushto




Urdu (Pakistan/India)


Visayan, and Tagalog (Philippine).


NMAFC officially launched its language access/Community interpreter program since 2018. All community interpreters and translators are required to participate a 2-day CIT (Community Interpreter Training) to learn essential working ethics and confidentiality. Since FY 2017, we completed over 1250 hours/pages of interpretation and translation assignments with the language we listed above. Most of the of interpreters have an undergraduate degree, and 1/5 of them have an advance professional degree.

Partial list of partnership

Office of Immigration and Refugee, CABQ;

Office of Equity & Inclusion, CABQ;

Department of Environment, State NM

Department of Health, State of NM

CHI St. Joseph’s Children home visiting program;

Albuquerque Public School System

Rio Rancho Public School System

New Mexico City of Law and Poverty

New Mexico Immigration Law Center

Rebecca Kitson Law LLC

Center for Civic Policy

University of New Mexico Partnership Program

Department of Justice, Office on Violence against Women

Responsible Gaming Association of NM

New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Program

UNM Hospital

Presbyterian Hospital