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NMAFC FY14 Report

New Mexico Asian Family Center provided support to help clients quit their addiction to tobacco, including identifying people who use tobacco, brief interventions including advice to quit, and referral to services. The California Asian Language Quit Line is one important resource for services which provides immediate access to live tobacco cessation services in Chinese (Cantonese […]

Factsheet: Immigrant Healthcare

Many immigrant families can get healthcare coverage for no cost or low cost! On January 1, 2014, the public healthcare program called Medicaid became available to more families and low wage workers. The Health Insurance Exchange is a marketplace to buy discounted health insurance with financial help from the federal government.

Exemptions from ACA

I am not eligible to buy insurance through the ACA marketplace because of my immigration status. Am I exempt from the individual mandate? Yes. People who are ineligible to buy insurance through the ACA marketplace because they are not classified as lawfully present for ACA purposes are “exempt noncitizens” and are not subject to the […]