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Adelamar “Dely” N. Alcantara
Board of Director Member

Founder and current president of the board of NMAFC, Dely (Ph.D) served as the volunteer Executive Director and grant writer in the early years of NMAFC. Dely is a lifelong advocate for social justice, veterans, and children’s issues.   She founded the Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS) Rio Grande Chapter and serves as a trustee of FANHS National.   In collaboration with TRICKLOCK Theater Company, Dely and her husband, Ted Jojola, established  the Manoa Project, an annual teen playwriting competition and ensemble apprenticeship.   Ted and Dely have also established an endowment for Cultural Diversity at the Albuquerque Academy in honor of their son, Manoa.  Dely is the current president of the Bataan-Corregidor Memorial Foundation of New Mexico (BCMF).  As president of BCMF, she was instrumental in the construction of the Bataan-Corregidor Memorial in honor of the 200th and 515thCoast Artillery.  She facilitated the passage of the Senate Joint Memorials that created the Asian American Day and the Veterans Day at the State Legislature.  Dely is currently the director of the University of New Mexico Geospatial and Population Studies.  She has a Ph.D. in Sociology with specialization in Demography and Gender Studies from the University of Hawaii and the East-West Center.  She has a B.A. in Philosophy, minor in Psychology from the University of the Philippines at Diliman.