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The Giving Challenge


Donate to NMAFC to help us reach our $35,000 fundraising goal!
NMAFC’s story began when a group of concerned individuals came together with the shared goal of helping New Mexico’s emerging Asian communities. Converting a community member’s home into an office, our founders began to form a plan. This plan was based on the belief that solutions could be found from within our own communities and that if we worked together, our families would thrive. To this day, we base all of our programming from this very simple, yet very powerful notion.

All donations, regardless of the amount, will go to directly support our Asian community. Because family is central to our lives, our programming is multi-generational and encompasses children, youth, adults, and grandparents.

IMG_20140919_112820$100 helps NMAFC provide targeted awareness and outreach through Rice and Resources. Bilingual outreach staff and volunteers provide this mobile resource center at local Asian grocery stores so that our community members can access our services on-the-go as they shop.


$500 allows us to provide a cultural cooking class within the Asian community. This event is led by an Asian chef, who gives hands on lessons to parents and children about how to create traditional dishes and pass this knowledge on to the next generation. Cooking classes integrate education on how to improve communication between parents and children on tough topics like bullying.

1912302_632812090151074_2716959409337234990_o$1000 supports a year’s worth of community sessions for the elderly community. Our elderly, who are often isolated due to their limited English proficiency, lack of transportation, and social networks, are engaged in groups where they can meet new friends through cooking, craft making, and informational workshops.


$5,000 assists us with working with youth, new parents, and grandparents in crafting theatrical plays in Mandarin based off of community stories and folklore. This programming empowers families to share traditional stories, but more importantly, it teaches children about cultural values and history.


$10,000 provides a year’s worth of legal representation and consultation for our community members who have been victims of crimes such as domestic violence and sexual assault as well as those who need general immigration support.


$25,000 + contributes to our ability to continue providing crucial services such as case management and counseling to our community. NMAFC remains the only agency in the state culturally tailoring services for Asian communities.