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After 8 years of our beautiful cherry tree logo, we have decided to rebrand our center to something that better demonstrates the resiliency of our community.

After a community-wide contest where we received so many pieces of beautiful art, we have decided on art work created and donated by Carola Bounkeua who has connection to the local Lao community. She put together an homage to our old logo through her use of the cherry blossom and chosen colors, while adding in a crane – a sacred animal in Asian art which symbolizes longevity and wisdom. The Sandhill Crane also finds refuge in New Mexico’s Bosque del Apache, giving a tip of the hat to our state.

Together, the logo as a whole symbolizes the beauty, strength, and wisdom of family whose courage and optimism can overcome a harsh environment and promote international peace and goodwill. Thank you to everyone who entered our contest!

Kay Bounkeua,
Executive Director, New Mexico Asian Family Center