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We are excited to announce that after introducing ESL classes to our community (please contact Jade@nmafc.org for more information), our financial education workshop is online!

This event is under the big umbrella of “life should not be a gamble”. We have been worked on the issue of problem gambling for years, and this with the help of Responsible Gambling Association of NM, we eventually created this financial education workshops along with Mahjong playing. The goals of this event are:

  1. Provide financial education and navigation towards Asian communities;
  2. Create an open platform for community members to share their concerns which might influence our communities’ sustainability and health;
  3. Eventually, to be fun with non-gambling mahjong playing!

The following topics will be shared, discussed and educated:

  1. 3/18: Tax filing workshop
  2. 4/15: Family financial management I (for younger couples and families)
  3. 5/20: U.S. credit system and credit card application tricks
  4. 6/17: How to buy a house: inspection, loan, and post-fixing
  5. 7/15: Family financial management II (for senior members)
  6. 8/19: Tax Law 101 for small business owners
  7. 9/16: How to save for your kids: prepare for higher education
  8. 10/21: Chances in gambling: can we make $ by gambling?
  9. 11/18: How to live on wheels: Car buying workshop 101

A typical workshop has three parts:

  1. Mahjong playing (no money involved) as warm-ups
  2. Financial workshops/education classes;
  3. Lunch

Language support:  We have Chinese Mandarin/Cantonese and English available (most workshop will be provided in English). However we want this event be more inclusive. Give us a call at 505-717-2877 if you speaks other Asian languages. And if you are interested in volunteering, we need help with these languages:

  1. Vietnamese
  2. Japanese
  3. Hindi
  4. Laos
  5. More

Please let us know if you have more questions