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Our thoughts and prayers are with those impacted by the senseless tragedy in Orlando over the weekend. We are humbled by the communities that have united in solidarity against hate in all its forms, and join our brothers and sisters who refuse to let an action of one represent an entire community. We will continue to stand with our LGBTQ and Muslim communities in the days to come, and offer our services to any of those who may be struggling with what has occurred.

“This tragedy cannot be neatly categorized as a fight between the LGBTQ community and the Muslim community. As LGBTQ Muslims, we know that there are many of us who are living at the intersections of LGBTQ identities and Islam. At moments like this, we are doubly affected. We reject attempts to perpetuate hatred against our LGBTQ communities as well as our Muslim communities. We ask all Americans to resist the forces of division and hatred, and to stand against homophobia as well as against Islamophobia and anti-Muslim bigotry. Let us remember that the actions of a single individual cannot speak for all Muslims.”