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PXK52752Sherry Spitzer

Executive Director 

(2010 – 2015)

Over the last five years, I have seen NMAFC change from a fledgling organization seeking its voice into the preeminent voice in the state for issues effecting Asian immigrants. The growth of the organization has been at breakneck speed, and it has been exciting to be part of that growth. Of course, I am exceedingly proud of my accomplishments over this period; however, I couldn’t have done it without this staff and Board of Directors. At the same time, I know that it’s time for me to step aside and for new and emerging leadership to take NMAFC into its next phase of growth. On a personal level, the events over the past year have been unexpected to say the least, and I have highly appreciated an extended leave of absence – but now, I am officially stepping aside to let the organization continue its exciting journey. It is time for NMAFC to have a leader from the Asian community and for a younger generation to rise within the organization. I’m excited to see NMAFC enter its next phase of growth, and am grateful to everyone that has welcomed me into the community for the last five years. My time at NMAFC was filled with the excitement of growing an organization that I felt passionately about and while it is bittersweet for me to step aside, I could not be happier to see Kay, the first person I hired, take the organization in new directions and to new places.


Kay BounkeunaKay Bounkeua

NMAFC’s new Executive Director 

(2015 – Present)

I am forever grateful to our Board of Directors and community leaders who have worked to forge a strong foundation which has enabled us to continue the work of amplifying the deep power that lies within our diverse Asian communities.  When I came to NMAFC in 2010, I was struck by Sherry’s propensity as a thoughtful, kind, and powerful leader.  As she begins the next chapter in life, I know that she will always remain an unwavering ally for our communities because our family center is just that – a family. I step into this position humbly and respectfully, and bring with me the dreams, resiliency, and strength of my family who are scattered all across the world. Having escaped war almost forty years ago so that their children could have access to safety and opportunity, we were the lucky few.  Many of our friends and neighbors both in New Mexico and across the nation face discrimination and invisibility on a daily basis.  We have a long road ahead of us to walk, but together, with the talented and dedicated NMAFC team and all our community partners, we will continue to fight for equity and inclusion so that all families have the ability to thrive.  By investing in areas such as youth leadership development, civic engagement, and work that decreases disparities in health, I hope to contribute to building up our foundation for future generations to come.