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Hi folks, thanks for participating in our events on Anti-Racism Day at the Roundhouse. I hope the day was not only educational but fun. I know that there was not enough time for the Scavenger Hunt and I apologize for that, we will definitely work on that for future events. Even with the limited time, a number of you were able to leave messages with legislators or even pull them off the floor to discuss the proposed bills your team decided to focus on. In addition, all of you were able to locate the different areas of the Roundhouse and take a ton of super fun pictures. Please visit our website to see some of these great pics and send me any additional ones you would like to share. Also, if you have any additional comments to improve the event please do let me know. I hope this event inspired you all to learn more about and become more involved in the legislative process, we can all have a voice in this process and after Friday I hope each of you feel more capable and empowered to do so.

Thanks again and I hope to further this work throughout the year!

Sherry Spitzer, ED