• The Beauty of Origami

    The Beauty of Origami

    Support NMAFC this holiday season by supporting our bird sale!

  • All for one and one for all

    All for one and one for all

    The number of Asian in Albuquerque reaches over 14,000;

    The number of Asian-oriented Non-profit in NM is 1.

    Help us, so we can move forward.



    Japanese Kitchen has been a long time supporter of NMAFC and has since donated $8,858, helping to fund areas such as community programming and direct services for individuals needing case management and counseling. We are very honored to have a partner in Japanese Kitchen, and would like to thank them from the bottom of our hearts for supporting local Asian communities.

  • NMAFC's Legal Consultation

    NMAFC's Legal Consultation

    NMAFC offers free legal consultations for the Asian and Pacific Islander community every first Thursday of the month from 1-5pm on Family Law and Domestic Relations. Consultations are by appointment only – please indicate whether or not you will be needing an interpreter.